Featured Projects

What will you find in our studio? We're always changing our project wall to showcase new and interesting framing. Come on by and see for yourself!

Project One

This was a really interesting project, we Framed Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty and Larry O’Brien’s shoes for a charity auction.  We needed a very deep frame for this project.   So we milled a box out of poplar, stained it the colour we wanted, capped it with an ornate Italian frame, lined the walls and finished it off with UV filtering glass.

Project Two

Now this was a tricky one.  An antique burl wood pipe.  We custom manufactured mounts to hold the pipe not only in place but level.  All of this was done on a linen mat mounted to marine grade plywood.  A linen liner was placed around the pipe and custome built box was capped with an olive wood veneer frame and fillet. Finally, museum glass was used to protect the pipe and reduce the glare.

Project Three

A long time client of ours took part in theBuenos Aries to Cordoba Rally.  We incorporated much of the memorabilia into one shadow box frame.  The items were placed at different levels within the frame to create a sense of depth, and create visual reference points.

Project Four

Here is a great example of what to do with two sided art.  Our client wanted to be able to see both sides of this vintage menu, and be able to stand it up on a table.  We used the same frame and fillet on both sides.  UV filtering plexi-glass was used on both sides to keep the weight down.  Finally, a custom made base lined with felt was added to the bottom to allow the piece to stand up.